Episode 43 - RRRRRRrrroooooowwww tikka tikka tikka tikka

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    • Icecream95: echo Icecream95 | tr a-z $(echo {a..z} | xargs shuf -e --random-source /dev/urandom | tr -d '\n')
    • Mark: Wants to remind us that he is a listener.
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Album of Month

  • Last Month was: The Misfits(Collection I and Collection II)
    • Thaj: I actually liked the second CD. The first one was better for sure, but the second one was at least interesting.
    • Lyle: I haven't stopped listening to this since before our last show
    • Pokey: I can't count how many CDs there are supposed to be. They don't go together...obviously. Collection 2 was garbage on fire on my front lawn.
  • Pokey's album of the month: Death ... For the Whole World to See

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