Seeing as we're recording this on Black Friday, I thought it might be a good time to bring up the topic of Consumerism. CONSUMERISM is The social and economic order that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. Don't be fooled by any of those lesser social and economic orders like: simple living, financial planning, pacifism, volunteerism, family or independent thought. Consumerism is the ONLY economic and social order that lets you acquire your way to the top!

With Consumerism you'll learn that planned obsolescence, isn't an inconvenience, its training aid! And that's only the beginning. By learning to be wasteful, you'll grow your social status by leaps and bounds. Plus CONSUMERISM is also a family activity. Together, you and your children will learn that Spending is Loving. A necessary tool during the holiday gift-giving season, and a convenient time saver all year round. And that's not all. Participate in CONSUMERISM and you'll also get MATERIALISM, the self-help program that aligns your attitude to the importance to acquiring material goods. But wait, there's more. Participate in consumerism right now, and you'll feel better about yourself too! for a limited time only

Worried that you can't afford Consumerism? Well free yourself from the shackles of concern, because with CONSUMERISM Realities become Trivialities. With CONSUMERISM concerns about budget and affordability will become things of the past. All this sounds too good to be true? Well its not! Participate in Consumerism right now, and for a small compounding monthly fee, you'll also receive DEBT. This is not just any debt. Consumerism gives you First-World, heirloom-quality debt that you'll be guaranteed to leave with your children when you die.

Folks, it's 2019, but not for much longer. This December 31st is more than just the end of another year. It marks the end of a decade. So don't get left behind with last decade's stuff. Everybody knows you're only as good as the things you buy. So get as much new stuff as you can. Better still, use social media to be conspicuous about your consumption, and put your real value as a human being on display for the whole world to judge. Forget about "Keeping up with the Jonses." We at know that our listeners are better than the Jonses, or at least you can be with a little bit of help from CONSUMERISM! So get with CONSUMERISM, and get consuming today. Remember, "the one who dies with the most toys wins!"