Episode 42 - The Answer




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  • Mastodon: Icecream65 wants to know if we can start numbering the "mixdown" episodes so they can keep track (still not sure if this is trolling or not)
  • Other: IRC: Rmccurdy assures us he's not trolling us about the "mixdown" stuff, then proceeds to troll us with a video tutorial of polishing trumpets.

Album of Month

  • Last Month was: Pink Floyd, Meddle
    • Thaj: I picked this to see some reactions. I got that.
    • Lyle: Dafqu? This is too smart for me. But cool
    • Pokey: I liked this more than othrer Pink Floyd music that I've heard. It still sounds like Pink Floyd, so while I liked a few songs, I was not blown away.
  • Lyle's album of the month: The Misfits (Collection I and Collection II)

Random Topics

  • I get muh Spider-man back (but for how long?)
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
  • Bad SciFi
  • Seth Kenlon's new programming book is in the Humble Bundle
  • Daddy daughter day
  • Bundle of Holding
  • Album of the Month
  • Next year's camping gear.
  • Picard and Discovery Season 3 trailers
  • Podcast Recommendations:
  • Journey Quest
  • Feedback
  • Pokey solves the mystery of the mixdown mixup
  • Dark Phoenix
  • Everything is broken (sung to the tune of 'Everything is Awesome")
    • Unsuprisingly Lineage OS is dope
    • OnePlus 2 is a pretty awesome phone (battery leaves something to be desired)
    • WitRigs was a solid choice for parts
  • Restaurant idea
  • Targeted ads in podcasts.
  • RAGE
  • Aggretsuko
  • Wendy's made an RPG
  • D&D bosses
  • FFV
  • Alphabet Squadron