Episode 18 - SHIT! That's on the harddrive in my freezer

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Album of Month

Random Topics

  • We jump right into VPN's

  • Mail hog

  • LnB released Tomorrow Tales & His Newsletter

  • Edict 0 FIS

  • hats off to github user quaap for naming his/her eBook reader Booky McBookface.

  • Its not murder if its robots

  • Cory Doctrow is awesome

  • Album of the month

  • ID3 tagging on Android. aka: hell on earth

  • If you are gainfully employed in a first world country: Your car stereo should display album art, and not just a default graphic.

  • Skillful pixel dungeon

  • If you are gainfully employed in a first world country you should have a stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle! OMG why did I put this of for so long!?

  • Impossible "Burger"

  • Chia Seeds?!

  • Media Player Review Segment

    • Media players on Android


    • MUSIC ("the stock music player" - in the F-Droid market)


  • This media player review segment has been brought to you by Free Software

  • How a song leads Thaj to blame Lyle for his lack of knowledge in a subject area.

  • Petition

  • Printers

  • OMFG Last Jedi Trailer!

  • Lets see if they can keep a director this time

  • Our Princess

  • October 20th No Agenda

  • Stephen King's "It"

  • How we started Mastodon-ing (I don't think we've talked about this on the show yet.

  • Ok, this is too far.

  • Did you guys know that Beta fish have personalities?