Episode 17 - MOAR Gunpowder

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Random Topics

  • LnB got his first Stardrifter story, "Motherload", into print. Go get yourself one. Or two.

    /images/thaj-motherload.thumbnail.jpg /images/lyle-motherload.thumbnail.jpg /images/pokey-motherload.thumbnail.jpg
  • More sysadmining

    • Thaj backups up mattermost

    • Lyle plays with Docker stuffs

  • Information Underground is back!

  • Free Gift with purchase at grocery stores

  • Its nostalgia month

    • Lyle watches The Power Rangers movie -- Worth $1.50, but probably not $2.00

    • Thaj watches old Transformers

    • The Guys talk about how not well old shows hold up

    • Giant Robots

  • JJ is back for SW IX

  • Revisiting Ghost in the Shell: Anime vs. Live Action

  • The guys decide to watch "Ex Machina" for discussion next month

  • Destiny 2

  • The last Star Trek Discovery Update until we actually see it: new theme song

  • Review of "The Orville"

  • Show Recommendations (to be clear, not ones we recommend. Ones that came up in our recommendations)

    • Space Precinct 2040: Its apparently hot garbage

  • Heavy Topics.

    • Free speech. PC and overly-offended culture.

    • Quantity vs quality of life

  • 1.800.BOOZE.4.LYLE

  • Things you cannot do in an RPG

  • Show recommendation

    • Journey Quest

    • The Tick

    • Netflix Marvel Shows

  • Life with the new MacBook Pro

  • Phone shenanigans

    • Thaj's new "shower phone"

    • Pokey's phone work

    • AOSP keyboard review

  • Thaj's adventures in Bullet Journaling

  • Kids tech books