Episode 80 - OH YEAH? OH YEAH!




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Random Topics

  • Weather / Snow talk
  • Radon Mitigation
  • Slapchop
  • The secret to comedy!
  • Knife reviews
    • Petrified fish PF858
    • CIVIVI Mini Praxis
  • Winnie-the-Pooh
  • Assorted other Movies/Horror discussion
  • Audio book recs
    • The Hail Mary Project
    • Gideon The Ninth
  • Star Trek: Picard
  • Go Chu Jang review - you guys aren't eating the same thing.
    • The paste is good in bowl and spoon dishes, especially American ones, because it doesn't have unnecessary salt or sugar. The flavor tastes like a follow-up win win at the regional imaginary chili cook-off.
    • Squeeze bottle is remarkably similar to my own results following my mother's barbeque sauce recipe. However it is significantly hotter than I've been able to get without losing flavor balance. In that way it is superior to my own sauce.
  • Last Dab 080X
  • D&D Bullshit
  • Play By Post RPG
  • Google is afraid of openai, and they're right.
  • Jason Calacanis says Chat GPT should have to list sources for it's answers, specifically data and predicts lawsuits.
  • I have cultivated a vibe
  • The funniest movie I'v ever seen and my nomination for The Longest opening scene in American cinema history. The Frisco Kid. The opening credits roll at 00:14:30.
  • Disney gets their fingers into the Doctor Who game.