Episode 74 - Lovingly Trolled

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Album of Month

  • Last Month was: Sabaton The Symphony to End All Wars

    • Thaj: I dug it. It's all the parts of Sabaton I like, without the parts I don't.
    • Lyle: I thought I was getting an intentional bait and switch. I listened to this to work to quite a bit
    • Pokey: This was not what I was expecting, and it was not my cup of tea.
  • This Month is Lyle's pick: Sabaton - The Art of War (re-armed)

Random Topics

  • Thingaverse is dope!
  • Final Fantasy update
    • FJF has begun
  • Job
  • Printer Stuff
  • The Orville: New Horizons
  • Boldly Going
    • Discovery S4
    • Picard S2
    • Strange New Worlds
  • Comixology
  • Kenobi
  • New kitten is not named Spot
  • 80mm USB fan
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Top Gun
  • AOTM