Episode 48 - Soundwave_Superior_Urandom_Inferior

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Album of Month

  • Last Month was: Submission for an unusual album for next month; not an album, but a documentary (by a familiar friend of Urandom) deconstructing the song "Efforts In Invention" by Clay Hawkins:

    • Thaj: I really enjoyed both the song and the documentary.
    • Lyle: I'm not smart enough for that.
    • Pokey: How did Lyle get my notes?
  • Pokey's album of the month: B.B. King - Live at San Quentin

Random Topics

  • FeedBack
    • Did someone get the plate of that bus (Ken's feedback)
    • Do we ogg? Also do we Mattermost?
  • Movie Review: Knives Out
  • msys2 vs git bash on Windows
    • I did some digging about the differences, and how to mash them together.
    • experinces in adding msys2 packages to "git bash" and varying levels of success
    • if you can, just use WSL
  • Muh HOTAS
  • Urandom loves Audacity
  • Audio Book Club Update
  • Social Distancing
  • (not) Album of the Month
  • A Message to our Listeners
  • COVID Corner
  • Lyle Office Upgrade
  • Bread & Other uses for Sourdough Starter
  • Dinosaurs in my town
  • So you wanna see some pictures from the new Dune movie?
  • I heard a good Movie Tip Alien Director's Cut is allegedly better than the theatrical release.
  • FFIV Finished, FFVI started
  • My Wife started her first graphic novle set, and she's hooked