Episode 26 - Bought by Microsoft

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Album of Month

  • Last Month was 5150's pick Born to Boogie, and we're letting it ride because we didn't listen to it

Random Topics

  • Goddam brown tail moths

  • Pokey goes for father of the forever by buying his son a knife

  • Android Stuffs:

    • FreeOTP+ is awesome, but it is secure?

    • Firefox Klar

    • A ill-informed and likely highly uneducated and underprepared review of Osmand

    • Lyle's goofy phone battery experiment

  • Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta (2018)

  • Hacknet

  • Microsoft continues to extend and extinquish, now with GitHub

  • LnB suggests music.

  • Not all hero's wear capes

  • Suicide Run by Nathan Lowell

  • GFL by Scott Sigler

  • SweetHome3D is making my life SOOOOOOOO much easier.

  • Games as story, and it hurts so good

  • Movies (Spoilers)

    • Solo: The movie we didn't need.

    • Deadpool 2: Not just dick jokes, but definitely dick jokes

    • Oceans 8: Hiest movies, but with ladies!

    • Avengers Infinity War: The Okayest it could have been

  • Album of the Month: We all failed to listen to 5150's suggestion, postponed.

  • Classic Doctor Who Twitch stream

  • What has Microsoft ever bought and ruined?