Episode 24 - SAKE!

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Album of Month

  • Last Month was A Brief History of Rhyme by MC Hawking

    • Thaj: This was the dubmest thing, in the best way

    • Lyle: I agree

    • Pokey: Why didn't the Pirate Bay have this?

  • This month is Lyle's pick: Infinite Darkness by Hoth

Random Topics

  • HOLLY SHITBALLS LINEAGE OS (but not profiles, they're not powerful enough for me)

  • This is some of the weirdest stuff I've ever heard, and I Love it.

  • Moar weird music.

  • Backup camera installation.

  • This episode is brought to you by Loyalty Card Keychain.

  • Why is retail dying?

    • People are bastards

    • Amazon is doing checkouts better and more consistently

  • New DNS? Fast, privacy-first consumer DNS service.

  • Migrating to Firefox for a killer feature.

  • My new Sous Vide machine is changing my culinary life.

  • My Blender adventure.

  • A totally metal printer

  • LnB and the great 3D printed dice experiment

  • Punisher

  • USB port installation

  • LED dashboard conversion

  • SCO 2.0

  • New Nathan Lowell Book Suicide Run