Episode 79 - Mom Mothma?!

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    • Gil: Listening to episode 73, and prodigy has the best theme song! (Star Trek)

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Random Topics

  • Spiderheck
  • AOTM
  • Feedback / Prodigy
  • Sandman
  • I forgot how good Firefox is
  • Apparently I like KDE now? (after 20 years) FIGHT!
  • Radiant Black and the Massive-verse
  • The Miata is dead, but I am working on a plan to resurect it
  • One Page Rules, wargaming knock-off that's better than the original?
  • ANDOR (yes, the layzur sord 1) - contemporaneous notes
    • Andor's music - Andor's music is as good as rogue 1's music is bad
    • blaster hits - Why do blaster hits to the shoulder always kill imperial soldiers, and always make rebels limp?
    • storm trooper armor - Why can't storm trooper armor defend from a head butt?
    • Some marksman guy... - How is the guy with the heavy machine gun a marksman?
    • The pilot sleeve thing - What's the things all the pilots have in their sleeve, and the general had holding his cape closed?