Episode 73 - A Bad one in the chamber

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Album of Month

  • Last Month was (still): Jurrasic 5 Power in Numbers

    • Thaj: This is middle aged hip hop.
    • Lyle: Just, eh
    • Pokey: I liked several songs a whole lot, and I didn't dislike any songs. There's a few N bombs, which I don't care for, but some radio edits are available. All in all, this is a solid album.
  • This Month is Pokey's pick: Sabaton The Symphony to End All Wars

Random Topics

  • Vacation
  • Airports
  • Good Timings
  • PineTime
  • Cars
  • Gazoo Racing Rat hole
  • Ep 72 publishing issues
  • More work with the fine folks in the #nikola IRC channel
  • I really do love vim/regex (show notes links)
  • Documentation is really really good
  • Cyberdeck
  • ATOM
  • Boldly Going!
    • Star Trek: TNG S5E15 Power play ~5:15: The best push kick off all time award goes to... Deanna Troi
    • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
    • Finishing TNG with my daughter
  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
  • Fixing my resin printer
  • Final Fantasy Update
  • Meds
  • Nvidia open sourced kernel modules !?!?! (not the drivers like everyone is reporting)
  • WeeChat
  • For Thaj: Without A Trace S7E22
  • New Hair, who dis?
  • Updating Nextcloud is a shitshow