Episode 71 - Deja Moo

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Album of Month

Random Topics

  • Comixology done fucked up.
  • Dark mode is (mostly) best mode
  • I listened to Lyle's recommendation Sony Sound Bar review
  • AOTM
  • I listened to Bhikhu's recommendation Gene Clark: White Light (1971)
  • Fun with scammers
  • Earbuds
  • Star Trek
  • Discovery S4 Wrap-up
    • Picard S2
  • Kids Shows
  • Upcoming things
  • Halo
  • Blue hair
  • Big ups to Thaj for 3D printer help
  • You CAN screw up Debian Stable
    • RIP 32bit Linux (and RIP dd)
  • I busted my Android stereo again
  • Linux Sleep & DIY CMOS battery
  • DST SUCKS! Android alarm snafu (I thought only iphone messed this up)
  • SCP (not the protocol)
  • Pushing changes to the rssogg plugin for nikola
  • Getting (back) on IRC
  • Setting up #urandom on libera chat (and then failing to hang out there)
  • FlightGear