Episode 62 - No Banjos, I think

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    • In Person: A co-worker finally scans the QR code sticker on my laptop.
    • Egg sandwich picture from Gil

Album of Month

  • Last Month was: NIN: Pretty Hate Machine

    • Thaj: I've listened to this ALOT, so I tried to listen to it like I had never heard it before. Interesting things happened.
    • Lyle: I'm super nostalgic for when I listend to this. It was WAY after release, but still. Good tunes
    • Pokey: I liked the second half of the album. It reminded me of a previous AOTM "Help, I invented the Internet" by Post Human Era. It makes me interested in hearing more NIN.
  • This Month is Thaj's pick: We Like It Here

Random Topics

  • Feedback
  • Album of the month
  • Final Fantasy Update
  • Thaj's physics experiment a.k.a I have a new car now
  • NEW MOTORCYCLE (suspension)
  • Microsoft fucks with W10 UI
  • My wife is finally done with The Agents of Shield. Spoiler alert: It's awful
  • Did everybody Loki?
  • Bad Batch
  • Dave Filoni is now Executive Creator Director for Star Wars
  • Youtube recommendation: Babylon Bee - News satire from a conservative perspective
  • Back from our five day road trip
  • Section 31
  • Chinese Space Love
  • new office / basement
  • 3D printer update (spoilers, its fuckin dope)
  • A brilliant hack: Use your android phone to record live music that is simulcast over FM (if that is a thing that continues to happen at drive-in theaters) for bitchun bootlegs.
  • Marvel Voices Pride #1
  • Gundam for beginners
    • Mobile Suit Gundam I, II, and III