Episode 59 - You, rando!

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  • Other: IRC - RMcCurdy "vancedappDOTcom for youtube Newpipes SUCKS sorry .... also use DNS66 for local VPN to block ads EVERYWHERE ! you can also do ublock/privacy badger with firefox/android theres also youtube-dl for youtube I made a M$ bat file for multithreaded downloads etc. https://github.com/freeload101/SCRIPTS/blob/master/Windows_Batch/Youtube-dl-ffmpeg-aria2c-updater-downloader.bat you can look the CMDline has *nix examples. Got HPR eps for Kerbal space AND Xplane comming up ... then is off to Vatsim/ZTL ATC Controler! (gotta study a LOT)

Album of Month

  • Last Month was: Thaj's pick: Polyphia: New Levels, New Devils

    • Thaj: I have so many things to say, that there isn't enough room to write them in the show notes.
    • Lyle: I have neither the understanding or the words to express how this makes me feel. Just, wow.
    • Pokey: I liked the first song, but I found listening to the entire album tedious. I kept wishing someone would say "Bring it on home." I wonder if I'll like any of the other songs if they come up randomly on my playlist, so I'm leaving the whole album in my playlist for now. I'll try to remember to update my opinion in a few months.
  • This Month is Pokey's pick: Evita

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