Episode 55 - Awe Shit




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Album of Month

  • Last Month was: Unleash the Archers: Apex

    • Thaj: Definitely cool. They have figured out how to make some metal palitable.
    • Lyle: Does like
    • Pokey: Did not like.
    • HonkeyMagoo: This was fantastic.
  • This Month is HonkeyMagoo's pick: Fear Factory: Obsolete

Random Topics

  • New router and power supply
  • 2020 HPR NYE 24* Hour Stream
  • 3d cap'n crunch whistle
  • Do listeners want a heckle chat room? Would they sign in?
  • Matrix
  • Niagara Stealth = Aaaawe yeah
  • Robot chair
  • AOTM
  • SpaceVim
    • Chat Support
  • New ISP
  • I caved in and watched a Star Wars, but I stole it. :D
  • Star Trek/Wars talk
  • Podcast etiquette, and the Morse code of Mumble lips
  • My realtionship with rules
    • Pokey
    • Also Pokey
  • New Cell Phone battery test
  • Profiles vs. Tasker comparison
  • GitHub reinstates youtube-dl
  • I learned how to sheetrock, and I learned how to mud. It's actually really fun. (bathroom progress update)

Sounds Used

Game Death Sound