Episode 51 - Customer Service Monthly

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  • Mastodon: crvs thanks us for reminding him to pick up LaoGanMa on his way home.
  • Other: Thaj has feedback for HPR. Ken Fallon, I'm calling you out!

Album of Month

  • Last Month was: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegtables by Dead Kennedys

    • Thaj: This is so much of what the sound of "punk" is for me. It's hard to parse it out and think about it.
    • Lyle: My pick, totally loved it.
    • Pokey: This is probably the wrong way to describe any Punk Rock, but I think this is a fun album to listen to.
  • This Month is Pokey's pick: Good Company By The Dead South

Random Topics

  • I traded in the 8570w
  • Pokey got another "perfect" laptop.
  • Good experince with an ISP? What the hell
  • Samsung bricks a bunch of stuff
  • Private Internet Access makes it easy for me to choose to cancel my subscription
  • Road Gun Update
  • Movie reviews
    • Birds of Prey
    • Knives Out
    • Hussle
    • Kill the Irishman
    • Venom
    • Bloodshot
  • Comixology
  • The Woodpecker story (not my story, but too cute to miss)
  • A dirt cheap video capture card that actually works for linux.
  • Urandom scripts going out to the wider world OR how we're hoping to give back to HPR and the community
  • Hammock upgrade
  • Pine devices may be getting Android
  • Also speaking of Pine, they are apparently just reading my mind and making things now.
  • Fun listening to old HPR Audio Book Club's and hearing lots of firsts that have become Urandom tropes
    • Bad segue's
  • tower-cli is amazing for my ansible workflow at work
  • Hypa Hypa
  • Using Molle system
  • I stumbled into a hole...
  • Dragon's Milk
  • FJF Update