Episode 47 - We can't talk about it until we talk about it

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Album of Month

  • Last Month was: Brute Force

    • Thaj: I like it. It's complicated in ways I enjoy.
    • Lyle: BEAST MODE!!!!!!
    • Pokey: I liked each song, some I liked a lot. I thought the album could be more listenable if it dialed back the intensity a little bit once or twice.
    • Lostnbronx: That 10 seconds of the album I heard was alright.
  • LNB's album of the month:

    • Submission for an unusual album for next month; not an album, but a documentary (by a familiar friend of Urandom) deconstructing the song "Efforts In Invention" by Clay Hawkins:
      • https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/clayhawkins4
      • https://vimeo.com/32329464
      • Clay Hawkins webite: https://www.clayhawkins.com/

Random Topics

  • Thaj's ass?
  • Two wheel'd cure for cabin fever
  • Can i interest you in a little randomization, Lyle? Randomizers ff4fe
  • Retro Gaming
  • GBA games
  • Something else called Pocket that might be cool
  • Chrono Trigger on Android
  • Star Trek: Picard (Thaj is being an unpleasant fanboy)
  • Curious what you guys thought of TierZoo
  • Platter swap was a complete unmitigated failure waste of time, but TestDisk is one hell of a booby prize.
  • General shoeing for the Urandom cast, because they used to also be the HPR Audiobook Club cast, but are no longer.
    • Pokey's freezer HD is no excuse, and never was.
    • Livrevox.org is wide open as an audiobook source.
    • You boys ARE aware that the great Klaatu's close friend, Seth Kenlon, wrote a wacky fantasy/scifi/post-apocolyptic novel called "Private Property", aren't you? It's available in all formats, including audio:
      • scribl
      • librivox (mirror of Scribl.com, so you don't have to sign in)
  • Happy 4 years Urandom
  • Edict Zero : FIS
  • My first experience using an odb2 reader
  • Feedback
  • Dice Towers
  • Homies
  • More HPR Audiobook Club talk
  • LnB's Audio Diary
  • AOTM
  • i7, not always an upgrade.
  • Painting Redux and getting paints.
  • Star Wars: The "High" Republic
  • Live Action Ahsoka Tano !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Fandom
  • Making Bread
  • Old show good (Without A Trace)
  • Terminal Phase

Sounds Used