EPisode 02 - Full Stallman

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  • Lyle: Stone Imperial Russian Stout

  • Pokey: coffee, because Pokey just got up at 2000 EDT

  • Thaj: is a slacker and just has water, and didn't try zsh


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Random Topics

  • Pokey's miata is awesome!

  • Pokey's depression and possible robot arm

  • Doing what Thaj would do is probably not a good idea

  • Thaj's awesome doctor

  • Pokey learns to use spreadsheets, and there's an xkcd for that

  • Rule 34

  • Maine has a bunch of towns name after countries, and its weird.

  • #BeardWatch2016

  • Linus says we win, not sure I agree.

  • Free Software vs Open Source

  • Apparently being a podcaster means we should know things. We're _screwed_

  • ownCloud vs. NextCloud and how its getting ugly

  • Twidere a GS/Twitter clinet

  • Echo chambers and technically better solutions

  • Thanks to Linux Outlaws for being cool

  • Ken Fallon is one of the best folks in the world!

  • New Voltron on Netfilx

  • SciFi Archeology

  • Lots of discussion about shows we liked as kids - Voltron - Transformers - Power Rangers - Spiderman and Friends - Spiderman

  • Thaj met his wife because Spiderman

  • Lyle's missed a ton of culture stuff

  • Thaj won a Pine64, and he's doing stuff with it.

  • Thaj apparently just learned about BlueTooth

  • Bluetooth tranciever

  • oo radio

  • More about giant robots

  • Back to Free Software extremism

  • Cost of Freedom

  • Free Bassel

  • We're kinda sorry this is so long, but not really