Episode 20 - Fuck you hampster bird, and your crystal dog too

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Random Topics

  • Feedback

  • Album of the month

  • Foot pedal for Lyle PTT

  • Meet Soundwave

  • Lyle's new tattoo
  • i3 is awesome, well not THAT awesome.

  • Has anyone patched for Crack Attack yet?

  • cdpapanoia is pretty awesome

  • Avoidable disasters
  • New computer is completed. Lulz ensue.

  • Beverage review:

    • Thaj: I've got Dinosaur piss (water).
    • Pokey: Dragons Milk.
    • Lyle: Buttered Rum Eggnog.
  • Family is super important y'all.

  • Merry Fricken Christmas

  • Justice League

  • Colonel, Panic

  • LnB's "Bait & Switch" posts on Masto are fantastic

  • Disney buys Fox Entertainment

  • Shitty businesses redux

  • [Lyle] Mechanical keyboards

  • [pokey] Compressed air update

  • [pokey] Big Box Bullshit

  • [all] Star Wars (with spoilers? should it go at the end?)

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